Acupuncture Detoxification Treatment


✍️Wendy Brown, Lic. Ac.



Approach to Breaking Chemical Addiction




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Treatment begins with the patient lying down, as during a regular acupuncture session. Alternately, a group gathers, where individuals are seated in chairs to undergo acu-detox treatment in the presence of one another. Groups are offered at a significantly reduced cost. A peaceful treatment atmosphere can be expected in both individual and group settings. The Acu-Detox treatment is based on the insertion of fine gauge, sterile acupuncture needles into the 5 detox points of each ear, for up to 40 minutes. The 5 detox points have been shown to effectively address the major organs of the body and brain chemistry that are negatively impacted by the effects of substance usage. The points relate to the lungs, kidneys, liver, sympathetic nervous system, and ‘Spirit’s Gate’, an acupuncture point that stimulates the harmonizing of Heart-Spirit, reducing mental-emotional and physical pain, and reducing effects of craving. The treatment affects the organs and bodily functions that cleanse and balance the body and support overall well-being. Chinese herbs are additionally offered to promote supportive results between Acu-Detox sessions.

Asheville Citizen-Times, January 1995, Acupuncture-Detox article featuring Wendy Brown, Lic. Ac. performing treatment

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