Chinese medicine and its vast, time-tested body of wisdom cultivates and maintains optimal health.

In the beginning of recorded Chinese history, medicine had primitive roots in shamanism. Medicine of that time was meant to coerce spirits and had relied upon divination, incantation, and herbal substances to do so. By about 200 BC with the first medical text, The Huáng dì NèiJīng or Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, this shamanistic layer had matured and was giving way to the developing Taoist roots which were to become the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine that is practiced today. Taoists retreated to mountain monasteries seeking simplicity, inner peace, and truth in nature. They celebrated the beauty surrounding them with poetry and art and learned to heal the body by imitating the movements of animals, trees, clouds, and other aspects of nature, and administered medicinal substances which would mimic their actions in nature. These highly observant, devoted scholars were China’s first masters. Chinese medicine, like Taoism, emphasizes the harmony and health of the body-mind-spirit. Observing that natural law dictates to the universe, the human body, and the connection between them allows a doctor to understand the disease condition by the resonance within nature and so thereby, its treatment. The prominent therapeutic modalities have always included acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet and movement practices, quite the same as today. Chinese Medicine, which is now one of the most powerful and effective self-healing methods known throughout the world, has always been a wonderfully complete approach to natural health care.

The rules and relationships in nature have timeless, universal validity.

In heaven are wind and rain, and cold and summer heat; while human temperament is distinguished by taking and giving, and joy and anger. Our gallbladder, moreover, functions like clouds, the lung like mist, the liver like wind, the kidney like rain, and the spleen like thunder. All of these are manifestations of our union with heaven and earth.

Using a holistic scope to view and understand the body and its mechanisms of disease, a skilled practitioner of oriental medicine observes the patient and discusses symptoms, daily life habits, and health history. Evaluating the pulse and the tongue for diagnostic feed back offers essential information necessary to diagnose and treat accurately. Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, moxibustion, electrical stimulation, cupping, and T’ui Na massage and palpation are healing tools used in treatment to adjust and strengthen the body’s QI flows; vital to good health. Diet and lifestyle contribute greatly to health and are therefore indispensable in bringing about desired treatment results. Educating patients to understand how to care for their health and participate in maintaining maximum wellness is a meaningful objective in the scope of every treatment.

‘The superior doctor treats when there is no disease.’

Everyone exhibits some pattern of disharmony even if they do not feel ill or have not been diagnosed with a syndrome or disease. Chinese medicine has evolved systematic methods of diagnosis and treatment that tailor to an individual’s subtle patterns of imbalance. Prevention, or ‘Zhi Wei Bing’, is a significant part of the methodology of oriental medicine. With concern for treating the underlying root of all imbalances, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can strengthen the responses the body and mind have to disease and stress factors. By nourishing the body at its root level, and by addressing energetic patterns, the environment where illnesses can stem from and develop significantly is diminished. Chinese medicine also restores health once the person has become ill. Chinese medicine is a comprehensive medicine that is 4,000 years old with a 2,500-year written tradition. It is the most sophisticated holistic medicine available and offers safe preventive care and long-term management of complex conditions. Chinese medicine has been widely used for centuries as a primary healthcare measure and is just as valuable to us in the modern world we live in.

Effects you can anticipate from regular acupuncture and

Chinese herbal formulations specified to your needs

Greater Capacity for Self-Healing Healthy Immune System Higher Energy Levels Improved Focus and Concentration Calmer, Relaxed State of Well-Being Enhanced Motivation and Creativity Vitality Longevity Balanced Sexual Energy Improved Vital Functions

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