Safe, Effective Treatment with Chinese Herbs


Chinese herbal medicine, a vital aspect of Chinese medicine, relies upon collecting detailed information from a patient by means of questioning, visual examination, pulse and tongue diagnosis, and some bodily palpation to derive a specified diagnosis that is unique to each patient’s expression of what may seem by the primary symptoms surrounding the illness to be one and the same. However, by the traditional methods of pattern discrimination, TCM practitioners derive the particulars of how an individual generates and bears the disorder by their underlying interconnections. This is the basis of pattern discrimination according to TCM.  

From the pattern we derive the diagnosis, treatment plan, and prognosis. A formula of medicinals in their raw form is composed, or if a prepared medicine fits the pattern, it may be used. Additional formula modifications are taken into account that continue to address current and evolving patient experience and characteristics of their disease. This is in contrast to a single herb or herbal blend prescribed by cookbook-style symptom identification. Access to information regarding herbs and sundry home remedies is routinely taken out of context leading to adverse cumulative effects or none whatsoever with regard to conditions requiring resolution. If something has the ability to facilitate healing, it can also elicit harmful changes if used inconsistently with the unique roots of the condition. This is commonplace in philosophical health goals and self-diagnosis to identify and treat health problems. An experienced, licensed acupuncturist who is also a Chinese herbal medicine practitioner, is able to offer sound guidance in deriving results using herbal allies safely and effectively for an infinite array of health conditions.



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