Patient Compliance is Key to Success in TCM Treatment


‘One who takes medicine but neglects diet and a moderate way of life wastes the skill of the physician.’ Your acupuncturist can treat you with acupuncture, prescribe herbal medicine and tell you how and when to take it, and from this you are very likely to feel better. S/he will undoubtedly help you to recognize what mental-emotional states and life-habits are having on you according to the wisdom inherent in oriental medicine. The principles of nurturing life known as Yǎng Shēng are discussions in the Chinese medical classics. The ways by which to nourish life through diet, breath, movement, and practices derived from cosmology and inner cultivation, display resonance with the elements of the natural world. These ways have long been observed and practiced by Taoists, Chinese physicians, and their patients alike, handed down in specific detail for millennia to reach your acupuncturist to share with you.

Here are basic parameters to help you consider the frequency of your treatments.

Please be ever-mindful when you leave the healing atmosphere of your treatment to put into practice the various recommended aspects of Yang Sheng that will facilitate your treatment related to diet, medicinal herbs, clothing, rest, exercise, and the like. By doing so, your life can begin to flow more smoothly in the manner that your treatments are intended. I remind my patients that herbal formulas in paricular can’t work if they aren’t taken, and one step further, they can’t be expected to work nearly as well if one waits days or a week to procure them or skips dosages. Without awareness and compliance, steps toward resolving a condition may only improve temporarily or not at all. Compliance is key as a patient and contributes to your healthy transformation. logo header

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