Increasingly, children are growing up here in the West with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine as a routine part of promoting health and treating the onslaught of childhood health complaints. Children, like adults, suffer from imbalances of QI which are vital to get to the root of. However, our young friends are not mini-adults; their energy is delicate and formative. What happens with them in the capacity of their care and habits that are formed is greatly determined by factors beyond their control.


Confucius presenting the Guatama Buddha baby to Lao t'zu.

Confucius presenting the Guatama Buddha baby to Lao t’zu.

By helping to educate parents on care for children in the wisdom of oriental medicine, and relying on these treatment methods, prevents imbalances and pathogenic factors from settling in that further weaken, pattern, and chart a course for the child’s future health. Various childhood infectious diseases, as well as problems with diet, food cravings, sleep, and emotions commonly effect children and can be well-addressed through the practices and support of oriental medicine. Good health and well-being of a child is likely to increase happiness of the family.

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