Moxibustion Charts 灸法圖



Earliest illustrations of moxibustion treatment. By at least a century, moxibustion pre-dates the earliest bronze models from the Song dynasty used to understand locations of meridians and points in acupuncture. Therapeutic moxibustion, applying Artemisia cautery techniques, treats illnesses and strengthens the Qi of the body. It is a prevalent modality in Chinese medicine. Early Moxibustion Charts

Six fragments now survive, although not consecutive:

Juan I, II, III, IV, V, VI, Jia Juan甲卷, Yi Juan乙卷, Bing Juan丙卷, Ding Juan丁卷, Wu Juan戊卷,  Ji Juan己卷

 From the remaining fragments of moxibustion illustration and text, 18 diagrams can be distinguished.

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