Bodily Teachings


Qīngyuán Shan 清源山, formerly North Mountain, with atmospheric clouds rising amongst peaks, became known during the Tang dynasty and reached a peak in reputation between 1297 to 1911. The centuries of reverence of this place have imparted 9 Taoist sculptures and hundreds of stone carving relics. Li, one of the the legendary eight immortals, roamed the winding paths amongst the dark green pine and cypress. When Li placed his iron crutch onto mountain rock a spring issued forth revealing one of numerous clean, fresh springs of Qīngyuán Shan.

· The hands teach us not to be selfish.

· The mouth teaches us to give thanks in word and song.

· The nose teaches us to learn from our environment.

· The eyes teach us to show compassion and sincerity.

· The ears teach us to keep our balance.

· All parts of ourselves both give and receive.

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