The Web That Has No Weaver



In the world as seen through human eyes, all phenomena have multiple affinities, adding to the complexity and often the element of common error in human interpretations. Cosmological patterns recognized by the ancient Chinese, allow us a way to view the world, not least of which, diagnostics and treatments in medicine, with remarkable accuracy. Ted Kaptchuck’s Web That Has No Weaver is an excellent book for the serious layperson who is interested in straightforward but not predigested, watered down or romanticized information. For anyone interested in the utility and rich associations of Eastern medicine, ‘The Web That Has No Weaver’ covers this terrain authentically, with remarkably rational analysis. The first book that I read on the subject of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine was in 1987, and it was “The Web” as the book is reverentially referred to.

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