Diagnostic Tongue Maps


Look at your tongue daily before brushing or eating.


See what it may be revealing to You.

Here is a basic overview

Normal (top left) – reflecting a relative balance of internal QI, blood, humors, organs, and essence.

Qi Deficient – basic symptoms of poor appetite, sluggish, weak digestive function, fatigue, worrying and overthinking, dizziness. 

Heat – basic symptoms of irritability, thirst, constipation, skin issues.

Dampness – basic symptoms of fullness, bloating, edema, lethargy, discharges.

Blood Stasis – basic symptoms of varicosities, headaches, chest pain, skin spots, painful menstruation.

Qi Stagnation – basic symptoms of pms, some types of abdominal pain, moodiness.

Damp-Heat – basic symptoms of skin conditions, urinary infections, clammy skin, angry and irritable tendency.

Yang Deficiency – basic symptoms of chilled easily, seeking warmth, pallor, lower back pain, low emotional state, impotence, infertility.

Yin Deficiency – basic symptoms of night sweating, tinnitus, menopausal symptoms, insomnia.

Blood Deficiency – basic symptoms of dizziness, poor concentration, pale nail beds, poor memory, thin blood and conditions resulting therefrom.

Chinese tongue diagnostic maps offer a simple overview of the body. Tongue coating and its specific color and texture, cracks, teeth marks, pauplues, absence of tongue coating, color of tongue body, quivering tongue body, swollen or thin tongue body all corroborate the greater diagnostics of the person according to TCM.



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