When the sage embraces the divine sovereign heart, her voice can move and transform the world. One who lacks purity and sincerity cannot move others. When a person has this truth in essence, the shen-spirit may move amongst the external world with highest degree of sincerity. One who forces himself to lament, though may sound sad, will awaken no grief. One who forces himself to be angry, though may sound fierce, will arouse no awe. She who forces herself to be affectionate, though may smile, will create no air of harmony. True sadness need make no sound to awaken grief; True anger need not show itself to arouse awe; True affection need not smile to create harmony. Truth and sincerity are to be prized as a doctor of Chinese medicine. People come from far and wide for help. True healing is derived from principles of sincerity, truth, and purity. This intrinsic disposition is what makes it so that a patient listens to and hears the practitioner.

Humans loathe death and delight in life. A doctor of Chinese medicine informs what in a patient’s life can destroy them; Tells them what can be good for them; Advises what is convenient for their condition; Exposes what brings them suffering. Even if they are the kind of person who does not follow The Way (Tao), being without principles or not follow the patterns of the natural order of life, how would they not listen to the doctor who is sincere and pure in this medicine?

Lingshu Chapter 29

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