ABC’s of 氣


Working With QI 氣


Activate the hands by rubbing them together; sense the feeling of energy begin to circulate in the palms, presenting first in the form of heat.


By moving the hands apart and closer together again, drawing them apart and together like gentle tides, the sensing of QI between the hands in these motions increases. It can be sensed as an orb as you generate and collect QI between your palms.


Contacting and increasing the QI that is there, we become aware of QI, are able to adjust it, and are integrated with it. By stimulating and directing the flow of QI, the body’s innate healing force can be directed to internal organs, external sense organs, muscles, tissues, tendons, bone, and the fluids of the body.


Let me tell of the ultimate Tao.
It is here, enshrined within us.
Lu Dong Bin, Tang Dynasty

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