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Warming Needle Moxibustion

Promotes free-flow of QI and blood and warms meridians; treating painful joints caused by cold-damp, for numbness, paralysis, and sensation of cold. An excellent treatment, particularly in seasonal cold-damp and conditions of debility.

Stillness of Heart and Mind

The Heart never stops storing impressions and yet it also knows “emptiness.” From birth, we have the capacity to know things by creating distinctions, differentiations, divisions, partiality, and thus duality; and yet also the Heart presence knows “unity.” In its experiencing, the Heart keeps moving, and yet also knows stillness. When the mind is used, […]


Exceptional doctor of Chinese medicine, Bian Que 扁鵲, lived at the beginning of the 5th century b.c. [at about the same period as Confucius]. He established medical protocols that are still in use in Chinese medicine today. thought to have come from the Bian Que school, and now linked to bian que (a.k.a. Qin Yueren) […]

Chinese Tea

  Tea has been enjoyed for millennia as a central aspect of culture, daily life, and health. China’s Yunnan province has pride in its lineage of tea plants, where the first tea plant survived the ice age. Cultivation of ceremonious tea drinking developed significantly in the Tang dynasty when Lù Yǔ 陸羽 composed the Cha […]

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