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Heart Relationship to Sense Organs

The five sensory orifices, referring to the nose, ears, eyes, lips, and tongue, are each paired with specific visceral organs. In particular, the Heart, regarded as ‘the emperor or sovereign ruler’, gives residence to Shen – a level of ‘Spirit’ which activates all mental activities, as well as perceives the emotional stimulus of all of […]

Chinese Herbs, Individualized Medicine

Every instance of illness has a unique configuration and requires unique (not fixed) treatment. To relieve the suffering of the times, there is no greater path than Chinese medicine. Within it, nothing is more effective than prescriptions of herbs and materials for each individual’s condition.    

Gingko: Past and Present

  Until the Song dynasty [960-1279 AD], the Chinese name for Ginkgo was ‘duck foot’ 鴨腳, referring to the shape of its leaves. The kernel was called ‘duck foot seed’ 鴨腳子. The name was changed to ‘silver apricot’ 銀杏 for the purpose of presenting tribute to the imperial ruler, presuming that ‘silver’ sounded more auspicious […]

Food Therapy to Nourish Health

Roots of Chinese medicine are based in “Nourishing Life” or Yangsheng 養生    Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Pieces of Gold 千金翼方, compiled by Sun Simiao in the Tang Dynasty, is a comprehensive medical classic which summarized studies and records on medical treatment and had great influence on the development of oriental medicine in the later ages. […]

An Introduction to Qi

Qin Bo-Wei’s 56 Methods: Hot and cold injure the body. Elation and anger damage the Qi.  Emotions are Qi and all Qi disorders are a result of the 7 emotions.  An informative lecture on the perspectives of 20th century TCM physician-scholar, Qin Bo-Wei on emotion and Qi in this erudite lecture by Jason Blalack. Qin […]


A woman, post-menopause, has great potential to realize within herself the wise woman and the mother of her greater community. With her inherent embodiment of female wisdom, post-menopausally she may cultivate the spiritual power of the Sage. From the progression of blood sent from the Heart down to the Bao Mai [uterus] in preparation for […]

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