Sun Simiao’s Code of Medical Ethics


✍️Wendy Brown, Lic. Ac. Sun Si Miao 孙思邈 [581—682 A.D.], a revered Chinese alchemist, scholar, monk, and clinician, has been venerated as the ‘Medicine God,’ Medicine Buddha, a deity invoked during healing practices, and commonly referred to in China as ‘King of Medicine.’ During the Ming Dynasty [1527 A.D.], eight stone tablets engraved with quotations […]



The manifestation of pathologies from toxins [DU 毒] evolve from unresolved excesses that, over time, consume the vitality of body-mind-spirit essences, brewing heat and binding Qi that results in fire. Fiery hot toxins are fierce in nature. From the perspective of classical Chinese medicine, symptoms that develop from toxic evils tend to be both extreme, […]

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