Handmade Moxa


A colleague in my office recently gave me some pure, aged, Japanese moxa from MoonGate Moxa Source. I immediately used the Homare on two cases of arthritic pain and am happy to recommend it. The incense is lovely, also! thread moxa, direct moxa, moxibustion, okyu, japan, incense, chinese medicine, moxa floss, tcm, acupuncture, japanese incense, […]

Okyu Thread Moxibustion


• Originally from China, Okyu direct moxibustion acquired a high degree of sophistication in Japan.   • Deeply penetrating heat applied here stimulates Yang, encouraging circulation.   • Increases white blood cells to strengthen immunity and restore energy.   • Thin cones of mugwort are ideal for Okyu moxibustion treatment.    

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