Cupping Therapy in TCM


Cupping, Báguàn 拔罐, is a traditional technique that uses specialized glass or bamboo cups on particular surface areas of the body. A vacuum seal is created by using a small flame as a source to suction out air, although suction can be created using a hand-held pump device and a slightly different type of glass cup […]



Arising like a tree from a common source of roots, we have Essence and are here to unfurl it; contributing to the fabric of the myriad of all things. Subject to the constant changing of Life, rhythms and timing, opening and closing, we pass thru patterns and dimensions. Channels and the body’s physical processes interpret […]

Cupping Treatment


Skin becomes reddened due to the congestion of blood flow where superficial muscular layers have been drawn up and held within a bulbusly-shaped cup [the cup most effectively used is made of glass]. Suction is induced by fire or by modern means of a pump device. Cupping is applied where physical pain is deeper than […]

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