Food Wisdom for a Prosperous Life


✍️Wendy Brown, Lic. Ac. Dietary Basics According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Turning to traditional Chinese medicine and a Taoist concept of health and long life, one is moderate in every action and attentive to signals of the body and of nature. Eating when hungry and drinking when thirsty, we only ingest enough food and drink […]

‘The Clouds Should Know Me By Now’


Leaves fall, where no green earth remains. A person at ease wears this plain, white robe. With simplicity and plainness one’s original nature is still. Therefore, what need is there to practice “Calming of the Heart?” Chia-Tao 779-843 Buddhist poet of the middle Tang dynasty Translation by Mike O’Connor & Red Pine

Food Guidance in TCM


BITTER • Adjusts Fire [HT-SI]  Preparation by raw, pressed, blanching. SWEET • Adjusts Earth [ST-SP]  Preparation by steaming, low heat cooking for a long time, boiling. PUNGENT • Adjusts Metal [LU-LI]  Sauteéing then covered simmering, and pressure cooking. SALTY • Adjusts Water [KI-BL]  Preparation by stewing, frying, crockery cooking. SOUR • Adjusts Wood [LV-GB] Preparation […]

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