Winter Solstice Qi Node · Dōng Zhì 冬至


✍️Wᴇɴᴅʏ Bʀᴏᴡɴ 文婷中医 Winter Solstice · Dong Zhi · 冬至 · Qi Node begins on December 21st – 22nd This is the point in the year where the extreme of Yin energy is upon us, and hence, in the Universal balancing of Yin-Yang, Yang begins its return. In so, we enjoy the increasing presence of […]



Many people express that a phobia of needles deters them from receiving skilled acupuncture treatment, equating the experience of acupuncture needles and their insertion techniques to needles such as hypodermics or a chance barb to the finger with a sewing needle, the painful jab from stepping on a thumb tack, and other negative experiences with […]

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