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A woman, post-menopause, has great potential to realize within herself the wise woman and the mother of her greater community. With her inherent embodiment of female wisdom, post-menopausally she may cultivate the spiritual power of the Sage. From the progression of blood sent from the Heart down to the Bao Mai [uterus] in preparation for […]


  The Role of Stomach and Spleen in Creation of The Self   Through the process of metabolism we are continually recreating ourselves. The food we ingest, after undergoing a transformative process, becomes part of us. Protein becomes flesh, carbohydrates become energy, the chlorophyll of plants becomes our blood. This is a necessary, almost magical, […]

Earth Element and its Role in Acceptance

We can not receive nourishment without acceptance of our task at hand. Partaking with some sense of openness we may transform our duty into something of personal value. This ability to transform is a central focus of the earth element in oriental medicine. Sometimes the foreign experience we must digest does not resemble something conferring […]

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