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Preparing for Acupuncture

It’s important to commit to healing and get the most out of your treatments. Here are some tips to prepare yourself for acupuncture and ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from your sessions with a licensed acupuncturist. Only visit a licensed acupuncturist.   1-2 Hours prior to your acupuncture appointment eat a snack or […]

Cholesterol From a TCM Perspective

Did you know that yang-energy fight or flight hormones associated with stress rhythms can cause an elevation in cholesterol? Traditional Chinese yin-yang theory is adaptable to classify all universal phenomena, including the modern dietary-lifestyle staples now playing into many health conditions. Coffee, sugar, and alcohol, among the more ubiquitous ones, have an overwhelming and weakening […]


  飯勿吃太飽,覺要睡得好,運動每天做,營養不可少, 盡量找快樂,切莫尋煩惱,赤子心常在,百年也不老, 不作虧心事,人格比天高,為人不貪墨,子孫也逍遙。   Sleep well, Exercise daily, Do not over-eat, but never be in want of adequate nutrition.   Always try to be happy; keep yourself free from worries and troubles, and always retain a good conscience.   Then, you may live in good health and youthfulness even when you have reached the […]

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