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Wei Qi, the Body’s Innate “Flu Shot”

In Chinese medical theory, Wei Qi is fierce, combative energy from nutrition, says the Ling Shu, a medical text compiled in the 1st century BCE, one of two parts of a larger work known as the Huangdi Neijing, or The Yellow Emporer’s Divine Classic. Wei QI is lively and agitated and circulates in superficial tissues, […]

The Water Element in Nature

Shuǐ 水 We are microcosms of the natural world, unfolding our human destiny on a beautiful blue planet where a mosaic of water nourishes and patterns life. Attuned to nature’s rhythms and vibrations, in essence, we are one and the same. Though this world seems stable and solid, nothing here is permanent; but like water, […]

Acupuncture Detoxification Treatment

ACUPUNCTURE DETOX An abstinence-oriented, chemical-free, no-nonsense approach to breaking chemical addiction. Acu-Detox treatment begins with inserting sterile ear acupuncture needles into the 5 detox points on each ear, for up to 40 minutes. The 5 detox points have been shown to effectively address the major organs in the body that are negatively impacted by the […]

Ted X on Taoist Cosmology

Acupuncturists routinely have to give an easily digestable rendition of Chinese medicine, which necessarily delves back interconnected step by step, succinctly, to describe the theory as a whole. If you were having tea with someone who adlibbed about Taoist reality as this man has, it would be a fascinating time spent listening to an engaging, […]

Qigong Self-Massage

Cultivation by Chinese internal and Qigong exercises helps to improve and develop internal energy – true Qi. Self-massage is a simple yet important aspect of practice. Qigong self-massage is an excellent health practice that stimulates acupoints to bring quiet to the mind and awaken and refresh the body with renewed vital energy.

Winter Solstice QI Node · Dōng Zhì 冬至

Winter Solstice · Dong Zhi · 冬至 · Qi Node begins on December 21st This is the point in the year where the extreme of Yin energy is upon us and hence, in the Universal balancing of Yin-Yang, Yang begins its return. In so, we enjoy the increasing presence of light. Warmth, rest and reflection […]

Horary Cycles and Bi-Hourly Clock

According to root and branch energetic rhythms in traditional Chinese medicine, Qi flow circulates through the 12 main meridians beginning with the lungs, as respiration is the first independent bodily function of the human vessel. The energetic cycle is completed with circulation through the liver at night when the eyes are closed and where the spirit […]

Bach Flower Essences

At their inception in the 1930’s, flower essences were conceived of by visionary doctor, Dr. Edward Bach, MD. Bach was a practitioner who comprehended the connection between feelings and actual physical illness and sensed the bridge made possible to treat them by the original 39 essences he worked with. Flower essences are dilutions of flower […]

Diagnostic Tongue Maps

Look at your tongue daily before brushing or eating. See what it may be revealing to You. Here is a basic overview Normal (top left) – reflecting a relative balance of internal QI, blood, humors, organs, and essence. QI Deficient – basic symptoms of poor appetite, sluggish, weak digestive function, fatigue, worrying and overthinking, dizziness.  Heat […]

Bodily Teachings

· The hands teach us not to be selfish. · The mouth teaches us to give thanks in word and song. · The nose teaches us to learn from our environment. · The eyes teach us to show compassion and sincerity. · The ears teach us to keep our balance. · All parts of ourselves […]

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