Tag: 神農本草經

Medicinal Chrysanthemum Flower 菊花

Spoken of medicinally in The Canon of Materia Medica 神農本草經 by the physician of mythical stature, Shen Nong who is said to have lived in about 2,800 B.C., proclaimed that Ju Hua improved senses of vision and hearing, alertness, clarity of thinking, promoted an energetic body, and increased longevity by slowing aging. It is now […]


Exceptional doctor of Chinese medicine, Bian Que 扁鵲, lived at the beginning of the 5th century b.c. [at about the same period as Confucius]. He established medical protocols that are still in use in Chinese medicine today. thought to have come from the Bian Que school, and now linked to bian que (a.k.a. Qin Yueren) […]


Extrapolations of the Su Wen, Chapter 2 Conform with the Energy of the Seasons The same cycles that take place in nature occur within our own bodies. Advances and technology in our ways of living often mislead us into thinking that we have outgrown the rules and ways of mother nature, but it is through […]

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