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This information applies to each patient in my practice.

CANCELLATION  POLICY  If you require to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to the appointment. If you do not cancel or reschedule 24 hours prior to the appointment, a cancellation fee is charged as a matter of course, regardless of circumstance. This policy is firm. Fee is to be remitted within 3 business days of the missed appointment as follows:


Treatment Late Cancellation/No-Show Charge is $55.00

Initial Visit or After Hours Late Cancellation/No-Show Charges are $75.00


PAYMENT No credit or debit cards: I do not accept ‘plastic’ forms of paymentAll fees are to be paid at the time of each visit by cash or a check made out to ‘Wendy Brown’


INSURANCE If you have health insurance please contact your provider prior to your appointment to verify whether your policy coverage includes acupuncture and herbs. I do not bill insurance directly. Payment is required at each appointment to then be reimbursed to you directly by your provider. I will happily supply any patient with receipts for office visits. I do not issue insurance codes. There is a $40.00 processing fee per every submission that would require documentation that must be handled by my office.



Office Appointments Adults Initial Visit, 2 Hrs; Follow Up 1.5 Hrs

Office Appointment Teens (ages 11-15) Initial Visit 1.5 Hrs; Follow Up 1 Hr

Office Appointment Children Initial Visit 1 Hr;  Follow Up 45 Minutes

Herbal consultation (for Previous Patients) • 1 Hour

Phone Consultation 1 Hour;  Per 15 Minutes

Acu~Detox Office Visit (up to) 1 Hour

Acu~Detox Group Sessions (up to) 1 Hour Sliding Scale

After Hours Visits 24 Hours • Existing Patient $145.00 and New Patient  $175.00

Local Home Visits Including Paliative and Hospice Care  Additional Fee

Gift Certificates For All Services & Products

Group Wellness Programs Available to accommodate any size group

Packages of 10 Visits 10% Discount ~ Non-Refundable, Expiration 1 Year

Please be prompt for your appointment.

Appointments that exceed the allotted time frame

are assessed a surcharge of $15.00 per quarter hour.


New Patient Form Print and fill-in this form. Bring it to your first appointment.

Directions for Preparing Chinese Herbal Decoctions 

Medical Record Release Form  If you are under the care of another practitioner or healthcare provider and would like your records sent to my office, this form will assist. Unless specified, a medical record transfer is not a necessity.


WHAT  TO  EXPECT  AT  YOUR  VISIT An initial appointment lasts approximately 2 hours. We begin with a lengthy discussion to collect the details of primary health concerns, health history and lifestyle in general. A visual diagnosis of the tongue and pulse taking is then reviewed, followed by acupuncture needling. Follow up visits are similar in scope, though are scheduled per 1½ hour sessions. Partial or total relief may follow an acupuncture treatment. In some instances symptoms may seem noticeable or even heightened, only to diminish significantly in a few hours. Improvement in the initial phase of treatment may be brief, last for a period of a few days, or perhaps longer.


NEEDLES Fine gauge, pre-sterilized, one-time-use stainless steel needles are inserted beneath the surface of the skin. Needles are inserted to a level where practitioner and patient feel contact with the QI within the channel. This depth ranges commonly from ¼” to 1½” depending upon location on the body.


HOW  MANY  TREATMENTS? Oriental medicine is understood to be a process whereby the body’s own self-regulating, healing momentum is stimulated. Some people begin to respond immediately while others take more time to experience significant results. Varying levels of available QI and blood that activate the process of transforming a condition are likely reasons why. During an acute phase of injury or onset of illness treatments are needed once or frequently, twice per week. The longer a condition is present, the longer it may take to respond to treatment and lifestyle changes, although this is not always the case. A course of six treatments is a practical estimation for most patients to work through an acute phase of health disharmony, and perhaps ten or more for a condition that is chronic. Many people choose to receive acupuncture every two to three weeks to maintain well-being and resistance to illness. 

This table gives a sense of the optimal frequency of your treatments.

Here is a basic parameter to help you consider the frequency of your treatments.


IS  ACUPUNCTURE  PAINFUL? When tenderness or discomfort are experienced it is usually due to stagnation in the meridians and musculature, thus requiring needling techniques to release and redirect QI and blood flow. Such sensations are momentary and are not the norm. On the whole, most people experience an acupuncture treatment as comfortable, relaxing, and rejuvenating.


ARE  CHINESE  HERBS  SAFE? E.C.O.M.A. only recommends herbs that are GMP certified. This means that herbs and formulations are verified through rigorous chemical analysis. GMP testing ensures optimal purity. Click this link to review information on GMP standards by our distributor: Mayway Corporation


CLARIFYING  MEDICAL  TERMS Although there are names that are altogether unique to oriental medicine like QI, Yin & Yang, TCM also shares terms with western medicine that although familiar to us, are not identical in meaning. In TCM theory, organ names such as liver, gallbladder, heart, small intestine, spleen, stomach, lung, large intestine, kidney and bladder hold energetic correspondences in addition to basic organ functions. Only in part are we accustomed to consider organs by these names to mean what they do in a TCM context, and we must first endeavor to understand Chinese medicine in its own terms to avoid error. I am vigilant to assist you in your understanding of oriental medicine in its various facets. Research further articles through our impeccable herb supplier and educational resource, Institute for Traditional Medicine by following this link: ITM Articles


PHARMACY Herbal formulas are often available at time of your treatment, but when unavailable or between visits, for convenience, ELEMENTAL CHANGES uses local pharmacy and herbal distributor: Golden Needle to accommodate some patients’ herbal formulary needs. Their service is prompt and professional, allowing a flexible option to increase continuity in herbal treatment.

With Sincere Thanks 

New patient referrals are always greatly appreciated.

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