Wei Qi, the Body’s Innate “Flu Shot”


In Chinese medical theory, Wei Qi is fierce, combative energy from nutrition, says the Ling Shu, a medical text compiled in the 1st century BCE, one of two parts of a larger work known as the Huangdi Neijing, or The Yellow Emporer’s Divine Classic. Wei QI is lively and agitated and circulates in superficial tissues, skin, connective tissue, muscles and peritoneum. It radiates to the chest and abdomen. According to the classics, it does not circulate through the meridians, but it flows through the face, trunk, and limbs during the day; at night through the viscera.

Wei Qi is defensive energy. It protects us from external perverse energies by opening and closing pores and warming connective tissues. It concentrates at the sites of acupuncture points, the ‘holes of Qi,’ per se. Wei Qi represents the whole immune system, from leukocytes to anti-bodies, histamine, bradykinin and serotonin.


In short, Wei Qi is your immunity. Feed it well!


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